Clever Cloud launches GPU-based instances


French startup Clever Cloud is a cloud hosting company that operates a Platform as a Service (or PaaS). The company just launched GPU-based instances for machine learning purposes under a new brand, Clever Grid.

Behind the scene, the company uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. You get billed by the minute and the most basic instance costs €0.42 per hour, or €10 per day, or €300 per month. For this price, you get 6GB of RAM, an 8-core CPU, a one GPU and 250GB of storage.

Of course, you can pay more to access beefier machines. If you max out your GPU instance, you get 60GB of RAM, 32 CPU cores and 4 GPUs on the same instance. It can cost as much as €1,200.

If you’re a data scientist and don’t know much about cloud infrastructure, Clever Cloud  tries to abstract infrastructure management as much as possible. You can run your Python code directly on your cloud instance using a web interface.

Those instances also support Tensorflow, Scikit learn, CUDA, Keras and pytorch. You can also run Docker containers on those GPU instances.

One of the advantages of Clever Cloud is that it integrates directly with a GitHub repository. You can connect to your GitHub account and start a cloud instance based on a repository. The company then deploys and runs your code on a server.

In addition to seamless deployments, Clever Cloud has additional features to make sure your service runs smoothly, such as monitoring, backups and security updates.

Clever Cloud clients include Airbus, MAIF, Compte Nickel, Sogeti and the South African Ministry of Health.


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