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    Facebook to block new political ads 1 week before Nov 3, adds more tools and ...

    We’re now 61 days away from the US Presidential election, and Facebook is once more ramping up its efforts to level the playing field and attempt to keep its platform from being manipulated to influence how people vote. CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced a series of new measures, including the news that it will block new political and issue ads in the final week ...
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    EasyJet says 9 million travel records taken in data breach

    EasyJet, the U.K.’s largest airline, said hackers have accessed the travel details of 9 million customers. The budget airline said 2,200 customers also had their credit card details accessed in the data breach, but passport records were not accessed, a company statement said. EasyJet did not say when the security incident happened or how the hackers accessed its systems, but ...
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    Every Mother is a fitness streaming platform for new and expecting mothers

    When Allison Rapaport was pregnant for the first time, in 2013, she struggled to find workout classes that didn’t completely go against the advice her OB-GYN gave her. Conflicted on whether to trust online workouts or just slow down altogether, Rapaport went to a personal trainer, Leah Keller. The result? A program that was clear, straightforward and, most importantly, safe. Rapaport was back ...
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    FDA grants emergency authorization to system that decontaminates N95 respirator masks for re-use

    The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that there’s a widespread effort to develop and advance creative solutions to new problems, like worldwide shortages of necessary front-line medical equipment. One piece of gear that’s necessary for protecting the health of medical workers treating COVID-19 patients are N95 respirator masks, which are masks that specifically filter out very fine particles, including shed ...
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    Retail optimization startup Teikametrics raises $15M as it expands beyond Amazon and beyond ads

    Teikametrics, a startup that helps retailers optimize their online ad spending, has raised $15 million in additional funding. The company launched with the goal of helping Amazon sellers advertise more effectively. More recently, it launched a similar partnership with Walmart. CEO Alasdair McLean-Foreman said that on both platforms, the startup’s Flywheel platform can improve the ad-buying process by using retailer data ...
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    Paytm targets merchants to fight back Google and Walmart in India’s crowded payments field

    Paytm  today announced two new features for businesses as the financial services firm looks to expand its reach in the nation that has quickly become one of the world’s most crowded and competitive payments markets. The Noida-headquartered firm, which raised $1 billion in late November, said its app for businesses now features an “all-in-one” QR code system to accept payments from multiple ...
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    Indian education startup Byju’s turns profitable

    One of India’s biggest tech startups is no longer losing money. Education tech startup Byju’s on Tuesday posted a net profit of $2.8 million on revenue of $188.8 million in the financial year that ended in March this year. During the same period, Byju’s revenue increased to $208 million, from $73.2 million a year ago. The eight-year-old Bangalore-headquartered startup, which ...
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    Berlin-based streaming guide JustWatch acquires New York rival GoWatchIt

    justwatch Berlin-headquartered streaming guide JustWatch has grown to more than 10 million users across 38 countries in less than five years. Now, it’s expanding its U.S. presence with the acquisition of New York-based rival GoWatchIt, from Plexus Entertainment. Deal terms were not revealed but were a mixture of cash and stock for the smaller operation, which had just eight people on board. JustWatch  says ...
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    TikTok tests social commerce

    TikTok  is beginning to dabble in social commerce. The short-form video app said it has started to allow some users to add links to e-commerce sites (or any other destination) to their profile biography as well as offer creators the ability to easily send their viewers to shopping websites. The company said the roll-out of these two features are part of ...
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    Pizza Hut is testing Zume’s compostable round boxes

    Pizza Hut  this morning announced plans to pilot Zume’s signature round pizza boxes. Testing for now will be extremely limited — in fact, it’s only happening at a single location in Phoenix, Ariz. The boxes are one of a number of different technologies being pushed by the SF Bay startup. In fact, my recent conversation with Zume CEO Alex Garden quickly turned to ...