Cloud computing: advantages and disadvantages

Cloud computing: advantages and disadvantages

Until recently, companies hosted their data themselves via their own infrastructures. They had their own servers, took care of the maintenance of their systems and invested in their development.

But with the development of the cloud, all of these tasks are being delegated to an external provider. Now, many companies prefer to store their data and access applications on remote servers: what is known as cloud computing.

This article will help you to understand how to use cloud computing to improve your business.

This article offers you to discover the advantages that coud computing offers and the disadvantages that it presents

The advantages of cloud

The availability

One of the primary advantages of the cloud is the availability of the data stored there and the ease of accessing it. Information stored on a crashed computer is lost unless it is repaired; but that same information stored in the cloud will remain available and accessible even if your devices stop working or are lost. You can generally access it anytime, from anywhere, from any device connected to the internet.


The company no longer has to worry about system development and maintenance. It can access its files, use applications, use compute servers, all by simply connecting to the cloud, without investing in an IT team and hardware. This obviously represents a significant savings in time and money.


Cloud services are typically billed on an on-demand or monthly subscription basis.

The disadvantages of the cloud


One of the main holdbacks that still holds companies back from moving to the cloud is the security of their data. Once the data is sent to the cloud, the company no longer has control over it; it must rely on its provider for reliable and secure processing.

The dependency

When a company no longer invests in its own servers and works exclusively (or largely) on the cloud, it automatically places itself in a position of dependency on the cloud service provider. If the servers are overloaded, an outage occurs and its files are no longer accessible, the company may find itself paralyzed, with no ability to work and no way to fix the outage itself as it would have been if it had been its own computer system.


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