How do you monitor SEO?

How do you monitor SEO?

If you work in the field of SEO then you know how much news there is. We constantly hear about new features, updates, bugs, fixes. When I say « we » I mean obviously those who take the trouble to monitor, the others are not aware of much and are unfortunately quickly overtaken by developments until they are no longer competitive.

The importance of monitoring

When a client contacts an SEO agency, it is with the aim of enhancing his site, so that it appears in the first results of the Google search results page. However, to carry out this mission, it is necessary to be aware of the techniques that currently work, of what the algorithms expect from a site to be highlighted, and all this evolves very quickly.

The one who is not interested in all this search engine news will not be able to do an effective job. He must be aware of the updates, trends, new regulations in order to best advise his client and obtain good results.

Of course, one should not fall into the other extreme: spending an inordinate amount of time browsing the SEO news, one should not make a means to an end.

An efficient monitoring is done following a methodology that allows you to give each part of your work the time it deserves.


A watch is not done in an anarchic, disorganized, irregular way, an effective watch is done according to a methodology.

The time

In order not to be time-consuming, monitoring must be carried out within an allotted time. To do so, you will have to set up a routine that will allow you to be regularly aware of the latest news in your field. This routine depends on each person: it can be half an hour each morning, a morning on the weekend, three evenings a week … The idea is not to remain disconnected from the news for too long and not to spend too much time either.

The sources

Don’t waste time looking for your information everywhere on the net, select a limited number of sources (reliable of course), and stick to them for your monitoring. There are many blogs, sites and profiles to follow on social networks that regularly deliver news on SEO.

The tools

Many SEO tools are available for free, they allow you to centralize your research and optimize your time by automating your monitoring.


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